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Customer Requirement

The Heart Building is an innovative staff well-being and quality assessment centre designed to encourage interaction, collaboration, and creativity at the heart of Tesco’s head office campus in Welwyn Garden City.

We were approached to create a complete Hardware and Software Solution that could teach staff the core values of Tesco and also provide education and training to visitors at public events.

Our Solution

We installed a 2×2 Interactive Videowall, a 65″ Interactive Table and two 55″ Interactive Totems.

We created a bespoke software package for each unit that can be updated independently by the Client at any time. The software incorporates Tesco’s Client branding and includes a number of documents and video supplied by Tesco for the project.


This is the Experience we developed for use on a totem – It is designed to run at 1080 x 1920.


It has the following features:

Collapsible Menu System

Browse Websites, PDF’s and watch video

Linked Websites/Content can be updated by Client

Use Gestures to switch between pages

Videowall Experience

The Videowall is the centerpiece of the room and with this in mind we created the more complex software experience to run on the unit.

This software is the culmination of the totem and table experiences put into one complete, seamless package. Each of the 4 screens of the videowall presents different information, with videos and interactive documents being displayed simultaneously.

The size of the Videowall lends itself to collaboration and multi user experiencenes, so we adapted the experience to allow for up to two users to use the wall at the same time

Table Experience

This is designed to run on the Interactive Table.

The layout is adapted for a landscape display. Documents can be passed around the table and rotated to view from any angle, inviting collaboration.  


If you are interested in this or any other Interactive Software Experience we have developed, why not get in contact and begin creating today.

  • Average of 3-5 days of development time


  • Stay in the loop throughout the development


  • Daily updates to suggest changes or tweaks


  • Once the Interactive Experience is complete, it is yours to keep


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