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Customer Requirement

Howard Tenens provide logistics solutions to their partners all over the world. They required an interactive solution to take to events and exhibitions. For one particular event, they wanted to give visitors the chance to win an iPad.

Our Solution

We created two experiences for this solution that were used on two separate Interactive Totems.

One Experience allowed the user to view Partners of Howard Tenens all over the UK. Information cards opened at various locations on a map which gave information such as Lot Name, Area of Lot, Location, etc.

The second experience made use of a bespoke made tap game, the user is invited to provide contact information which was saved into a locally stored database and to try and get the highest score possible by tapping on images that appeared randomly all over the screen.


Howard Tenens 1
Howard Tenens Interactive Software
Howard Tenens 3
Howard Tenens 4

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