We are the leading Intuiface Experts for creating Interactive Experiences.

Intuiface and Promultis

Intuiface Alban and Louie

Our Lead Developer, Louie, discussing the future of Intuiface with Alban, One of Intuiface’s developers

Intuiface is one of the best available platforms for creating interactive software experiences.

We have been working with Intuiface since 2014 and since then we have created countless interactive software solutions using their platform. Our developers are well versed in the intricacies of Intuiface and know how to get the most out of it.

We try to approach every job with fresh eyes, figuring out how we can create a unique and impactful interactive experience that is like nothing else available on the market.

Combining our knowledge with the flexibility of Intuiface has led us to create many firsts:

We built the software for the new Fujifilm store in Covent Garden, London!


We designed software within Intuiface to pull in content from an online CMS system to update dynamically across 20 screens within the store, Staff are able to edit this CMS and watch their content automatically update!

We are the first to build a Object Recognition Experience


We spearheaded the development of Object Recognition technology within Intuiface, creating our own solution to use object recognition on IR as well as PCAP displays.

We have since created a huge amount of Object Recognition Solutions, and were one of the first to use the marker as an innovative menu system.

In addition, we can print our markers in-house!

We are the first to create a 9×1 Curved videowall in the World!


One of our biggest projects to date was the worlds first Curved 9×1 Interactive Videowall!

Using Intuiface, we created 3 seperate player experiences running at 3240×1920 each. In total, the project contained over 200 unique PDFs, Videos and Images spread out over 9 ‘hotspots’

We are the first to build a Restaurant POS Experience

RDSE Restaurant Software Example

This is one of the first Restaurant Experiences to be built using Intuiface. The experience comes packed with innovative features, such as table to table chat, games, interactive screensaver effects, and the ability to call a waiter to the table.

We are the first to build a 6×1 wideowall


The software features several interchangeable scrolling banners with external feeds and branded internal information about the centre. A content management system has been developed using spreadsheets allowing the client to update content. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, launched London Tech Week in June 2017 and can be seen pictured in front of the 6 x 1 column.

The first to create a POS Mosaic system

National Gallery 1

In the interest of pushing the boundaries, we created an Interactive Experience being used at the National Gallery.

What makes this unique is digital mosaic that is created by exporting snapshots from Intuiface to an image sequencing program which creates one huge picture from the submitted snapshots.

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